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The 2015 President’s Dinner was a huge success. Our second year at Gillette Stadium was a fantastic event. We were fortunate to have Rene Rancourt from the Boston Bruins sing the National Anthem for us. We also had the Boston Police Gaelic Column of Pipes and Drums present the colors.

Sheriff David Clarke from Milwaukee travelled all the way out here to give us his thoughts on policing in America today. 2015 Superbowl Champion Nate Solder spoke to us and we were honored to have members of the NYPD 84th Precinct in attendance. Overall, it was a great night. Please make sure to follow our Facebook  Click This Link for our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter at @MasscopAFLCIO. We are also on Instagram at @MasscopAFLCIO. We will be putting up a bunch of photos and videos. We will also be sharing other organization and member photos and videos from the 2015 President’s Dinner. Thank you to our sponsors for your generosity and support. Thank you to our membership for what you do every day and Stay Safe._Top_

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