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Braintree Police Officers Fundraiser

By June 7, 2021June 16th, 2021News and Events, MassCOP Blog
The following messages is from the Braintree Police Officers Association regarding their fundraiser. If you are unable to donate, consider sharing this link to spread the word and help them reach their goal

“Braintree Police Officers Association

The Braintree Police Officers Association (BPOA) has initiated this effort through the Braintree Police Officers Support Fund in an effort to support the families of the three police officers who were attacked on June 4th 2021 while trying to apprehend a suspect from a domestic violence incident.

The three officers and “K9 Kitt” entered a wooded area in an effort to locate the suspect when they were fired upon by the subject of the search. “K9 Kitt” was fatally wounded during the attack. Officers returned fire mortally wounding the suspect.  During the exchange two of the officers were shot by the suspect multiple times.  The third uninjured officer immediately initiated life saving efforts which substantially improved the two officers’ ability to obtain medical care.

This incident is not only physically traumatizing but emotionally. These officers each have a long road ahead and the BPOA is asking for your assistance in supporting their families during this difficult time. Your help is greatly appreciated in our collective work to support these officers.

All support funds go directly to the families of these officers. We thank you for your time.


Ryan McHugh

President, BPOA”

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