About the Massachusetts Coalition of Police

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Massachusetts Coalition of Police (MassCOP) is the largest law enforcement Union in Massachusetts. Our focus on the welfare of our police officers has resulted in unprecedented membership growth. We now represent over 4,400 members serving in more than 173 Towns and Cities across our Commonwealth. Our long-term strategic planning and experienced staff has made us the most powerful and trusted law enforcement advocate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Governed by our peers

We have boots on the ground from the shores of the Vineyard to the scenic Berkshire Hills. By charter, the Massachusetts Coalition of Police is governed by active and retired police officers serving in our cities and towns. Our Executive Officers are elected by our members at our annual convention.

Aggressive and responsible legal support

The right labor attorneys are essential to the success of our mission. Our organization and membership are represented by the prestigious offices of Sandulli Grace, P.C.

Sandulli Grace, P.C.
Sandulli Grace, P.C. focuses exclusively in the area of labor law. They have a long-established reputation in Massachusetts as an aggressive and responsible labor advocate. Sandulli Grace, P.C. has achieved impressive results for our membership at the negotiating table, in the legislature, and in the courts.

Thank you for visiting and for your support of Massachusetts’ professional law enforcement officers.