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Call for Solidarity: Assist our Salem Locals…Please read the letter attached, regarding the request of our Salem locals…Mayor Kim Driscoll is once again trying to take the chief’s position out of civil service. She has already been shot down twice by the city council, but she can not resist trying to gain more political power. The Mayor has now called for a statewide assessment center, which doesn’t involve a test. She has done this so she can pick the chief she wants, without having to deal with the traditional civil service process. The Massachusetts Coalition of Police supports the traditional 2n+1 formula of civil service for selecting candidates from inside a department. There are a number of qualified candidates from inside of the Salem Police Department. We are joining our Salem locals in requesting that our members refrain from applying for the Salem Chief’s position when it is posted, to prevent Mayor Driscoll from going outside the department and picking “her” new chief.


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