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Hovsepian: This battle will be going on today

By July 23, 2020January 9th, 2021MassCOP and Police Reform

Today begins as not a great day for law enforcement but crucially our top priority  amendments have not been brought up for debate yet.  With House members pushing a series of irresponsible, damaging amendments throughout the night and into today it is imperative that all of us, our family members, our allies, neighbors and friends let them know they are in danger of doing permanent damage to public safety and professional policing.

Yesterday a link was sent out that will automatically target your State  Representative.  If you have received the email but have not filled it out (only takes a minute) please do so as quickly as possible. Please forward the link to anyone that you may know that supports US and what we stand for and defend every time we suit up. Legislators become very worried when they hear from a handful of constituents – and large numbers of legitimate objections from voters can change their course. We must not let them off the hook as they attempt to dismantle our most crucial protections.

Scott A. Hovsepian
John E. Nelson
First Vice President
Robert W. Murphy

P: 508-581-9336
F: 508-581-9564

This battle will be going on today starting at 11A.M. and we have to continue to let them know that we are still here and will never even entertain the thought of giving up. We can win these amendment battles only by continuing to call and email our State Reps, especially the ones who want to side with us but are afraid of the backlash. They need to know that we will have their backs when this mess is over with.

Some at the State House will never be able to appreciate what we go through every shift and will definitely never be able to understand what we’re going through during this time. I know we are the last line of defense in our communities and that without you, chaos and crime would win the day. If there was another profession that was being portrayed as we are, being vilified as we are, and was being thrown to the wolves as we are, they would be begging for mercy. But because you have set high standards, because you are passionate, and because you CARE – every person, members of the Senate and House of Representatives included, can sleep soundly knowing that you’re a professional and will do your job.

Please continue to make the contacts. If you called yesterday, please call again today because that is the only way we have any chance at correcting some of this terrible and harmful legislation.

In Solidarity,

Scott A. Hovsepian

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