MassCOP and the Police Reform

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Correspondence from President Hovsepian dated January 6 2021 2021-Jan-06 195
NAPO Statement on Riot at US Capitol 07 JAN 2021 2021-Jan-06 139
STAND UP FOR THE BLUE 2020-Dec-20 157
Thank You! 2020-Dec-20 2316
Correspondence from President Hovsepian dated December 9th 2020 2020-Dec-09 1836
FIX THE BILL! 2020-Dec-09 80 of power in play on proposed police accountability board 2020-Dec-06 95 head Reform bill punishes police just for being police 2020-Dec-06 82 view Police reform on the fly 2020-Dec-06 75 dismissed and disrespected Read how the Mass Coalition of Police has responded to the proposed reform bill 2020-Dec-06 88 Police Reform Bill Now Awaits Bakers Decision 2020-Dec-06 77 Jin Beacon Hill to the Berkshires Police reform bill seeks a balance 2020-Dec-06 73
Massachusetts police unions appeal to Charlie Baker to veto reform bill - Boston Herald 2020-Dec-06 80
Correspondence from President Hovsepian dated December 1 2020 2020-Dec-01 1863
Correspondence from the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts 2020-Dec-01 676
Comparison of SB2820 and SB2963 2020-Dec-01 282
State House News Service Reports on MassCOP Response 2020-Dec-01 362
Correspondence from President Hovsepian dated October 12 2020 2020-Sep-18 837
Correspondence to Governor Baker dated August 15 2020 2020-Aug-15 4641
MassCOP President Hovsepian discusses Police Reform in Mass with President Trump. 2020-Aug-07 509
Gallup Poll - Do Not Defund the Police 2020-Aug-06 4874
House Session Summary - Friday, July 31, 2020 2020-Jul-31 345
Evening Briefs Session Extension MassCOP Support 2020-Jul-30 331
Statement from the Massachusetts Coalition of Police July 30 2020 2020-Jul-30 683
From President Hovsepian dated July 29 2020 2020-Jul-29 568
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