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Both the Waltham Police Patrolman’s Union and the Waltham Police Superior Officer’s Union came together in solidarity to educate the public and City Council on the lack of collective bargaining agreements for almost five years. A large contingent from both groups showed up and carried signs to let everyone know that they are tired of being given more and more responsibility and work, while not having received a raise since July of 2009. It looks as if they are headed to arbitration to settle this matter. The groups picketed both the Waltham Police Station and the Waltham City Hall. 

Our social media was a great part of the event. Twitter was notifying media outlets live time, along with sending out photos of the protest. Facebook and our website have also contributed as a place where we can inform our members. 

If any other group is holding this type of event, please let your Area VP know, so we can get someone there to cover it live. 


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