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Black and Latino Legislative Caucus and the MLEPG

By July 9, 2018January 11th, 2021MassCOP and Police Reform

Dear MassCOP Members:

State Representative Tim Whelan reached out to First Vice President John Nelson this past weekend asking if the Massachusetts Coalition of Police would be willing to sit down with the Black and Latino Legislative Caucus and other police unions to discuss legislative reforms immediately pending on Beacon Hill.

John Nelson, Bobby Murphy and I believed that this was an opportunity to make sure that the voices of MassCOP members would be heard. The meeting was held today at the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association headquarters in Dorchester. The meeting was attended by five State legislators and various other unions. The meeting was professional with both sides being allowed to express their concerns and showing genuine appreciation for trying to get this right. There is too much at stake for our members, and for our profession, to not go into this meeting, and successor meetings, with an open mind and a willingness to work collaboratively y to ensure that our voices and concerns are seriously being considered.

I want everyone to know that we completely understand the gravity of the moment and the current climate. I pledge to you, the men and women who keep our communities safe, that we full y intend on making sure that every topic of discussion is with your welfare and working conditions as our highest priority!

A copy of the joint press release of the meeting is attached.

In Solidarity,

Scott A. Hovsepian

Scott A. Hovsepian
John E. Nelson
First Vice President
Robert W. Murphy

P: 508-581-9336
F: 508-581-9564

Joint Statement of
The Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus (MBLCC)
and The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Policy Group (MLEPG)
Regarding June 9, 2020 Meeting

Today’s meeting between the members of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus (MBLCC) and members of the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Policy Group (MLEPG) was a historic and hugely important first step towards achieving greater peace and unity in our

community; with both sides engaging in a healthy, robust dialogue relative to the Caucus’s legislative recommendations regarding law enforcement reforms. Community members should know and take inspiration from the collective effort and the opportunity by both groups to better understand and address the issues adversely impacting members belonging to our black, Latino and law enforcement communities. Today’s discussion, in addition to being constructive and productive, should also be seen as a clear signal that both groups are committed to working together to effect change and improve relations between the police and the communities they protect and serve. As the dialogue continues, all involved agree that law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts, already the best in the nation, are uniquely positioned to provide workable and realistic guidance and legislative solutions to challenges impacting law enforcement agencies around the country.

Special thanks to State Rep. Carlos González, Chair of the MBLCC; Lawrence Calderone, President of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association/Co-Chair of the MLEPG; John Nelson, Vice- President of the Massachusetts Coalition of Police/Co-Chair MLEPG; and State Representative Timothy Whelan, a retired State Trooper, who was instrumental in bringing both organizations together. Thanks also for attending to MBLCC members Rep. Chyna Tyler and Rep. Russell

Holmes, and also to Rep. Paul Tucker, also a retired police officer and former Chief of Police.

The MBLCC was created in 1973 to advocate for Massachusetts’s communities of color in the legislature. The MLEPG was created several years ago to serve as a coalition of the Commonwealth’s major police unions and organizations to speak on Law Enforcement legislation and policy. Members of the MLEPG also include the Boston Police Detective’s Benevolent Association, the Boston Police Superior Officer’s Federation, the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers, the Latino Law Enforcement Group of Boston, the Cape Verdean Police Association, the State Police Association of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition, the New England Police Benevolent Association, the Massachusetts Police Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.

Carlos Gonzalez
Chair, Massachusetts Black
and Latino Legislative Caucus

Lawrence Calderone
Co-Chair, Massachusetts Law
Enforcement Policy Group

John Nelson
Co-Chair, Massachusetts Law
Enforcement Police Group

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