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Massachusetts Casino Gambling Update

Massachusetts Casino Gambling Update

As some of you are aware, the legislature is working very hard to get a piece of legislation passed that will allow casino gambling in the Commonwealth of Mass. Masscop was present at the very beginning of this piece working to ensure that our membership would be represented in the legislation. As you may have heard by now, the piece came out with language that gave exclusive jurisdiction to the State Police on these properties. President Cameron and Vice President Scanzio responded quickly, meeting with the Speaker of the House Robert Deleo, to voice our concerns and dismay that our members were not being fairly represented in the piece. Since that time there has been a number of language changes proposed and the process continues. We are hopeful that this piece will come out with dual jurisdiction language included. This will preserve our right to work in these establishments if they are in our member communities.

Stay tuned to the Masscop website and blog for updates.


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