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Masscop Social Media Needs More Followers

Masscop is working hard to bring current and important information to our membership every day. We are doing this through our website, Facebook, and Twitter. We want our membership to be informed and up-to-date on every one of our issues, events, and anything else we feel will be of interest to our members. One of the most important things is getting our members to these sites. I still talk to members on occassion who ask why we do not get on Facebook. We have been on for some time now and it has been very well received. We need all of our members following us and getting involved. We want to know about events in your communities that would be of interest to our members. We want to know if you are suffering labor strife in your city or town and maybe need some assistance with informational picketing. Blood drives, tactical competitions, K9 competitions, whatever the event…let us know so we can get the word out. 

We need you all to get the word out and let your colleagues know to come to the website regularly, follow us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. The information we put out is only as good as the number of people looking at it. We have been having members ask us for years to get involved in social media…we listened and we have been going at it pretty hard, but now we just need more members to follow. 

Our Facebook is Massachusetts Coalition of Police
Our Twitter is @MasscopAFLCIO

We look forward to seeing you there…_Top_

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