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The Massachusetts One Hundred Club is a non profit organization that provides relief to families of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. Here is the history of the organization from their website:

In 1959, Howard W. Fitzpatrick, Norman Knight, Richard S. Robie and George Swartz were inspired by the death of a police officer to form The Hundred Club of Mass., Inc. (the “Club”).   Initially, the Club’s goal was to provide financial support to the families of fallen heroes, and the Club continues this commitment today by presenting surviving spouses with a generous check to help alleviate any immediate financial needs of the surviving spouse and his or her family.

Over the years, the Club has been able to extend its benefits to include vocational guidance, scholarship aid, and financial assistance towards a two-week summer camp for the children of beneficiaries.

Most important is the Club’s continuing relationship with its families through such coveted events as Pops concerts, Red Sox games, and social events all provided for by the Club.

Of course, this could never be possible without the generosity of the Club’s members and dedication of its directors, which allow the Club to continue its proud tradition of helping the families of police officers, firefighters who protect our communities.

Today the Club is looking forward to the future with the hope of finding even more ways to serve the families of fallen heroes. Since the founding of the Club in 1959, 379 of our brave public servants have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.   

To donate and support this wonderful organization please visit their website at 


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