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NAPO Letter — COVID-19 Related Update

By April 2, 2020January 13th, 2021COVID-19, News and Events

Dear NAPO Member,
Just in the weeks following a stakeholder meeting with the NAPO Executive Director and staff, our nation is now facing the COVID-19 virus with implications throughout America and the world. At the COPS Office we want grantees, stakeholders and first responders to be fully aware of adjustments being made to confront COVID-19 work-related issues, grant-related challenges and communications with law enforcement first responders and stakeholders. Additionally, I want to provide a brief update on the work of the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice.
The U.S. Department of Justice, via the Deputy Attorney General, was given guidance on the government protocols related to staffing and reinforcing the top priority of protecting the Department’s employees. The COPS Office immediately responded by allowing our staff to work remotely and not report to our office building. Although there are still some staff reporting to our office, the majority are working from home. We have tested our capability to work remotely and are ready to continue the work of the COPS Office in a seamless manner. All of our program staff are equipped with laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices to keep the COPS Office in a “full service” mode for thousands of grantees, law enforcement first responders and stakeholders. It is important to visit our website to gain the most up-to-date information on extensions to solicitations, monitoring reports, and other critical items impacting grantees and applicants, as well as the important work we are doing jointly with the law enforcement field on officer safety and wellness.

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