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Research on the police-public relationship from a police perspective

By November 16, 2015July 30th, 2021General Content

Click to read the request and fill out the survey.

My name is Scott Mourtgos and I am a Sergeant with the Salt Lake City Police Department in Utah. I am also a graduate student in forensic psychology at the University of North Dakota. Dr. Richard Wise, Dr. Roger Mayer, and I are conducting research on the police-public relationship from a police perspective. The survey we are conducting is an excellent opportunity for police officers to help the public better understand the police-public relationship from the police perspective, which is very often ignored. As a fellow police officer, I know you can appreciate the significance of understanding both components of this relationship. Considering the current climate for law enforcement in the U.S., this is an especially critical topic.

To provide you with some information about the other researchers on this project, Dr. Richard Wise is an associate professor of psychology at the University of North Dakota and a former assistant county prosecutor. Dr. Roger Mayer is a professor of management at North Carolina State University and is a globally recognized leader in employee perceptions and behaviors.

I am requesting your help with distributing a link for our web-based survey (taken on SurveyMonkey) about police officers’ perceptions of the public to the officers that are members of the Mass C.O.P. The value of a survey depends in part on the number of people who participate in the survey. A copy of the survey is attached for your review, along with a sample email that you can send with the questionnaire. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is anonymous and completely confidential. The name of your association will not be mentioned in any paper that is published about the study. Additionally, this questionnaire is being sent to law enforcement associations across the nation, which will also preclude your association from being identified. A summary of the results will be made available to you and your association as well as any papers that are published about the study.

The link to the survey is:

If the automatic clicking does not work because of your network security, you may have to hold down the “Ctrl” key when you click. If that doesn’t work, please type (or cut and paste) this address into your browser’s address bar:

The link is also included in the sample email that is attached. You can simply forward this email, use the sample email that is attached, or send your own email with the listed link.

Thank you very much for considering our request and if you have any questions about the survey please do not hesitate to contact me. A response to this email confirming whether you were able to help us by distributing the link for this survey would be greatly appreciated.


Scott Mourtgos
Sergeant – Salt Lake City Police Department


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