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The Massachusetts Coalition of Police will once again be traveling to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC to bring various clothing items and other accessories to our Wounded Warriors. Fifteen of our Executive Board members will be making
 the trip to honor these men and women who have given so much for our country. 

The Massachusetts Coalition of Police is looking for donations. If your department has t-shirts, baseball hats, knit hats, or any other type of clothing that has a police theme to it, or if you want to donate sports type clothing, these are the types of items we are looking for. In addition to clothing and accessories, we will take donation of money and use that to purchase these items for this event. This program was such a success last year. The heroes that have to spend the holiday season in Walter Reed loved the items we brought to them. 

We are traveling on December 12-13. You can send your donations to Masscop Central at: MCOP P.O. Box 768, Millbury, MA 01527. You can also contact your Area VP to have items picked up. Please donate to this important event!!!! Our Wounded Warriors have given so much of themselves for us, it is the least we can do to bring them some items to brighten their holiday season. If you have any questions please contact your Area VP or Masscop Central at 508-581-9336.


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