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MassCOP urges comprehensive certification process

By July 16, 2020January 10th, 2021MassCOP and Police Reform

The Massachusetts Coalition of Police (MassCOP) is working with Governor Baker, the Legislature and the 157 communities that our 4,300 members serve and protect every day to bring about constructive reform to policing and law enforcement across the state.

As the state moves toward a reform bill, we have repeatedly met with the administration and legislators, the NAACP, ACLU and the Black and Latino Legislative Caucus.

We agree with the governor and lawmakers on the need for a comprehensive process for certifying all police officers in Massachusetts. But we also believe that every Massachusetts police department should be held to the highest standards and best practices in law enforcement – and that is best accomplished through the accreditation process.

Certification increases accountability and requires officers to maintain professional standards at the highest level – enhancing public confidence. And having the confidence of Massachusetts citizens, including and especially communities of color, is critical for police officers as America experiences this period of reflection around social justice and racial equality.

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