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The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the House budget last night that included 12.9 million in public safety and judiciary funding. The budget created funding for the On-Site Academy, which is an extremely important resource for our members who have had issues with stress relating from their jobs. Masscop refers members to the On-Site Academy when they are having difficulties and we have had a great working relationship with them. Masscop Legislative Team members were up at the State House pushing hard for this amendment in order to provide the assistance necessary to keep our members healthy.

There was also a 2 million dollar increase in Shannon Grants, which a number of Masscop departments apply for annually. Shannon Grant money is to combat gang issues in your communities.

Lastly, a number of Masscop locals got extra funding for programs and enforcement in their communities. Watertown, Waltham, Seekonk, Hamilton, Hopedale, and Braintree to name a few.

The budget process is tedious and sometimes frustrating, but our Legislative Committee is dedicated to bringing the best possible legislation back to our membership, so you can bring quality law enforcement to your community. That is budget two out of three. Coming up in a couple weeks we do it all over again with the Senate Budget. Keep checking your Masscop website, Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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