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MassCOP President Hovsepian responds to WGBH on a Radio interview about the health of Police officers

By April 1, 2020July 30th, 2021COVID-19, News and Events
First Responders and Safety

As of Tuesday night, 31 uniformed officers and four civilians in the Boston Police
Department had tested positive for COVID-19. And there are many more first responders
across the state who have been infected.
The current crisis has police, paramedics and firefighters doing whatever they can to stay
healthy while continuing to do their crucial jobs.
Michael MacNeil, a paramedic and president of the E.M.S. Division of Boston Police
Patrolmen’s Association, told WGBH News that COVID-19 is changing the way they look at all
calls. When there’s any indication they might interact with someone with the virus, they take
“Our guys will put a full gown on, a face shield, two pairs of gloves, some booties on top of
their shoes, and an N95 mask,” MacNeil said.
And all that protection doesn’t make their job any easier.

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